Our products provide positive impacts for our environment on large scale.

Synthetic rubber derives from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource. It is used all over the world in the manufacture of various products, including pneumatics. Millions of tires are produced every day and millions of tons are disposed every year.

The process of repair and restoration of tires is a type of recycling, which extends product usable life and mitigates environmental impacts. TAP-RAP comes ahead in that context for recovering up to 70% of all scrapped tires.

Imagine the following situation:
A Giant Tire (OTR) made with more than 600 Kg (1323 lbs) of rubber, used in a haul truck, starts operating and, in the first week of use, is hit by a rock and gets a 20 cm (51 in) injury in the sidewall.

Prior to TAP-RAP technology, this tire would become a liability for the company, making the scrap pile bigger, impacting environment negatively and generating the need of buying a new unit.

Con la tecnologia TAP-RAP, lo pneumatico può essere riparato e riutilizzato in sicurezza e con garanzia.


tons of rubber are saved every year.
liters of petroleum saved every year.
kg of steel saved in the manufacture of new tires
less CO2 generation compared to the new tire