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Why is our system unique?

TAP-RAP is a tire repair service that is unique in the world. TAP-RAP is a patented Italian technology that enables recovering tires with different types of damage, from small to severe injuries in cable structure, which could not be repaired through conventional process.

Quality assured

The quality of materials used to manufacture patches, in addition to more than 60 years of experience and technology development ensure unsurmountable quality of our products.

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Reduced operational costs

Up to 70% of all scrapped tires can be recovered. Acquiring new units and reusing tires with scrap rubber result in savings to the company.

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Efficient restoration of tires reduces waste and burning of fossil fuels during the production of rubber for new units. The positive impact for the environment is huge.

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Impressive technology

Products with special features and structures

TAP-RAP units, as opposed to standard technology, behave in a way similar to that of deforming the tire repaired area, in every operational condition, thanks to their patented structure, which ensures flexibility in every direction.

Studies conducted by independent body*, assessed retread tires comparatively. Those retreaded with TAP-RAP technology showed consistent behavior and no evidence of heating the ends of the repaired area. Those undergoing conventional repairs showed significant heating at the ends and highly inconsistent behavior.

*Ricerca sviluppata dal Politecnico di Bari, in Italia.

WSP – Italian Technology

We are the inventors of cable replacement technology WSP (Window/ Steelcord/ Protection). The process consists of a bicomponent unit comprised of flexible steel cables that are radially dislocated and a special protection, made of rubber only, as that of a regular tire.

  • WDemarcation and cleaning of affected area.
  • SApplication of steel.
  • PApplication of protection rubber.
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  • “TAP-RAP. A real transplant surgery”.

    Giuseppe Ferrara

Types of repaired injuries

TAP-RAP allows for repair of injuries in every part of the tire, recovering injuries that conventional technologies are not capable of recovering. See below the most common types of injuries:


Sidewall injuries (tire’s most sensitive area), up to 60 cables of the damaged structure.

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Injuries in the tire shoulder and/or along the radial direction, up to 20 cables of the damaged structure.

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Injuries in the center of the tire, up to 20 cables of the damaged structure.

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