TAP-RAP consists of removing damaged cables and replacing them with new ones, restoring the affected area and giving back its flexibility. It allows for restoration of injuries in every part of the tire; for tubeless tires, providing return to operations without using inner tubes.

Veja abaixo alguns exemplos de tipos de danos reparados pelo TAP-RAP:

TAP-RAP technology

See below some examples of types of injuries repaired with TAP-RAP.


Also known as the flank area, the sidewall of a tire absorbs impacts from road irregularities, and for that end it needs to be extremely flexible and also resistant. Repairing this area requires it to support the casing movements, keeping safe its absorbing function.


Extends from the tread end to the tire sidewall. Its role is to withhold weight transfer during curves and provide vehicle stability. For being a region surrounded by tread and the tire sidewall, its repair needs balancing resistance and flexibility.

Tire tread

The tire tread is the only part of the tire that makes direct contact with the ground. Resisting friction, preventing cuts and punctures are among its main functions. For this reason, repairing this area requires high resistance to keep its main uses.